cut                          cat
mud                        mad
luck                        lack
truck                       track
swum                     swam
drunk                      drank
sung                        sang
suck                       sack
run                          ran
fun                          fan
cup                         cap
bud                         bad
hut                          hat
bun                         ban
lug                          lag
rug                         rag
dumb                      damn
stuck                      stack
putt                        pat
buck                       back
dud                         dad
ton                          tan
tug                          tag
bug                         bag
pun                         pan
Una "a" con la boca
entreabierta, muy breve
Una "a" con la boca
abierta y los labios estirados
Some of the words that have
this sound are spelled with a
<o>: (an)other, mother,
brother, nothing, love, dove,
shove, done, none, one,
won, ton, son, worry, come,
some, honey, onion, money,
Monday, month, front,
Also: flood, blood, tough,
rough, touch, does
Click on each pair or here for the whole list
lead              lid
read              rid
bean             bin
beat              bit
eat                it
seen              sin
heat               hit
cheek            chick
cheap            chip
peak              pick
bead              bid
feast              fist
leak               lick
seat               sit
leave              live
sheet             shit
seek              sick
reach             rich
deep              dip
eel                 ill
feel                fill
steal              still
peal               pill
seal               sill
wheel            will
heal               hill
greed             grid
green             grin
peach            pitch
beach            bitch
peep              pip
deed              did
neat               nit
week             wick
fees               fizz
dean               din
peace              piss
seep                sip
keeper             kipper
heed                hid
peat                 pit
teach               titch
The most common sound
in English: schwa. Click
you         Jew
use          juice
yacht       jot
yack        Jack
yam         jam
yaw         jaw
yon          John
ye            gee
year         jeer
yell          gel
yen          gen
yet           jet
yeti          jetty
yo            Joe
yolk         joke
you'll        jewel
shack          sack
shag            sag
shear           seer
she'd           seed
shed            said
sheen           seen
sheet            seat
she'll            seal
shoe             sue
shin              sin
shat              sat
shock           sock
shop             sop
short            sort
show            sow
shuck           suck
shun             sun, son
shy               sigh
sure              saw
bash              bass (fish)
dish               diss
fished            fist
gash              gas  
lash               lass
hush              huss
mesh             mess
mosh             moss
niche             niece
tosh               toss
crash             crass
pish               piss
shod              sod
push              puss
/s/ & /z/
Some common words with schwa
<-n> & <-ng>
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